Judge, Shielding Cop Via 'Qualified Immunity,' Asks Whether It Belongs In 'Dustbin'

Federal Judge Carlton Reeves applied the controversial doctrine in a case in which he ruled that an officer merited it — but in an outspoken opinion asked for the doctrine itself to be reevaluated.

A Judge’s Blistering Opinion Shows Why It Must Go

A Catch-22 means absolute immunity for police officers who abuse the law.

Banks' Police Bill Intends To Make Qualified Immunity Law

U.S. Rep. Jim Banks has introduced legislation for meaningful re-examination of Qualified Immunity.

Virginia House Approves Bill Limiting Qualified Immunity

Bill to strip Qualified Immunity from police clears Virginia House on re-vote, heads to Senate.

U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Rejects Qualified Immunity

The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has re-opened the door for a wrongful death lawsuit against Columbus Police officers Zachary Rosen and Jason Bare.

Autistic Boy Shot by Police

Mother called the police and asked for a crisis intervention team (CIT) for her son, who was having a mental breakdown. He is diagnosed with Asperger's, 

Father of UNT Student Killed by Police Seeks Justice

The Denton City Council voted 5-to-2 Tuesday to create a committee to review use-of-force policies.

Grassroots Law Project Creates Petition for Darius Tarver

A call for an independent special prosecutor investigate the murder of Darius Tarver, and that all four Denton PD officers involved are fired and charged with Darius’s murder.

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